Stick Insects for Sale (Australia wide except WA)

Minibeast Incursions (Victoria Only)

Welcome to Insectpets, we sell a variety of Stick insects for pets, including Spiny Leaf Stick Insects, Goliath Stick Insects, Stick Insect Eggs and Stick Insect Enclosures. We also offer affordable "Mini Beast" Incursions to Primary Schools and Pre Schools in Victoria.

All stick insects listed on our website are sold as juveniles unless otherwise stated. Detailed Care Information is supplied with all sales.

Basic care and DIY enclosure suggestions can be found on our Insect Pets Care page.

Mature/larger insects are sometimes available – price and availability on request.
Sales are restricted to within Australia and we do not send to Western Australia. Refer to shopping page for insects permitted to be sent to Tasmania


Spiny Leaf Stick Insect Children's Stick Insect

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