Goliath Stick Insects

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NOTE: We do not ship to  Western Australia or anywhere outside Australia. Only Spiny Leaf, Crowned and Strong Stick Insects can be sent to Tasmania without the purchaser obtaining a permit from: http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/Documents/Import-Export-Permit-of-Wildlife.pdf

Males Currently Unavailable. Goliath Stick Insects (Eurycnema goliath ) are one of Australia’s largest and heaviest stick insects. Females can grow up to 20cm long. They are a popular pet being easy to care for and harmless. The males can fly short distances and are much smaller than the females who cannot fly. Goliath Stick Insects feed mainly on eucalyptus (gum) and acacia (wattle) leaves. They require an enclosure of minimum size 35 cm tall x 30cm x 40cm and room temperature of 18 to 28deg C. Not for sale to Western Australia. Permit required for Tasmania.

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