Welcome to Insectpets - PLEASE NOTE: Australia Post's Express and Surface mail Postal services continue to be erratic and unreliable - especially surface mail.  However  as of Monday 22nd September we will resume posting Express Post orders to Victoria ONLY. 

We sell a variety of Stick insects for pets, including Spiny Leaf Stick Insects, Goliath Stick Insects, Eggs and Enclosures. Insectpets Gift Vouchers are also available.

We also offer affordable "Minibeast" Incursions to Primary Schools and Pre Schools in Victoria. Please note, due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Insectpets will not be taking any further bookings for Incursions until further notice. If you would like to be advised when bookings can again be made please leave your details at Contact Us.

Please contact us if you are interested in hiring our insects.

Sales are restricted to within Australia and we do not send to Western Australia. Please refer to our shopping page for insects permitted to be sent to Tasmania

Spiny Leaf Stick Insects are our most popular pet

Crowned Sticks Insects are a hardy species and come in a variety of brown colours

Insectpets offers Minibeast Incursions to Primary Schools and Pre Schools

Not Just Insects. While my main business is selling stick insects for pets and Minibeast Incursions in Victoria, my hobby is making Australian gemstone pendants. I have a preference for the natural and rustic Please click here to view my Australian Hand Crafted Gemstone Necklaces  

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