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INSECTPETS - As of 22nd Sept we will resume posting to Victoria ONLY

 Australia Post's Express and Surface mail Postal services continue to be erratic and unreliable - especially surface mail. However  as of Monday 22nd Sept we will resume posting Express Post orders to Victoria ONLY (Orders are only posted on Mondays and seem to take 3-4 days to arrive at the moment) No orders sent surface mail will be taken


Stick Insects for Sale: All species listed below are in stock. Mature/larger insects are sometimes available – price and availability on request.All stick insects are sold as juveniles unless otherwise stated. Detailed Care Information is supplied with all sales. Basic care and DIY enclosure suggestions can be found on our Insect Pets Care page.                         

Shipping: We only ship within Australia and do not ship to Western Australia.  Only Spiny Leaf, Crowned, Strong Stick Insects and The Australian Leaf Insect  can be sent to Tasmania without the purchaser obtaining a permit from: . Orders with live insects are sent via Express Post on Mondays.  Egg only orders are sent by surface mail. Posting of orders is delayed during extreme weather. 

Freight Costs and Payment Options:   The freight cost for Insect only orders and Start-Up Kits is $13. Freight for Egg Only Orders is included in cost of the eggs.  Freight for Insectpet Enclosures is calculated at the checkout.  Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Paypal. GST not applicable.

  • Gift Vouchers.
    GIFT VOUCHERS are a popular Gift for Christmas. Why not choose an Insectpets Gift Voucher so that the recipient can get organised for their new pet first. NOT available to Western Australia Once payment is received your Insectpet Gift Voucher will be emailed to you, along with a General Stick Insect Care Information Sheet. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Spiny Leaf Stick Insects ORDERS TO VICTORIA ONLY.
    Spiny Leaf Stick Insects ( Extatosoma tiaratum ) make ideal pets and are very popular as a pet for classrooms and children. They are very hardy, easy to care for, harmless and easy to handle. The female and male are quite different in appearance. Females can grow up to 15cm long. Males are smaller and can flutter short distances, the female is flightless. Spiny Leaf Stick Insects feed mainly on eucalyptus (gum) leaves. They require an enclosure of minimum size 35cm tall x 25cm x 30cm and room temperature of 16 to 28 deg C. Females only available at present. Not for sale to Western Australia.
  • Strong Stick Insects. ORDERS TO VICTORIA ONLY
    The Strong Stick Insect ( Anchiale briareus ), is a very hardy stick insect. Juveniles are a bright green and adults brown. Females grow up to 17cm, males smaller. They feed readily on eucalypts (gum) and acacia (wattle) leaves and require an enclosure of minimum size 35 cm tall x 30cm x 35cm and room temperature of 16 to 28 deg C. Not for sale to Western Australia.
  • Stick Insect Eggs
    PLEASE NOTE WE WILL ONLY POST EGGS BY EXPRESS POST (due to Australia Post's apparent inability to deliver surface mail in a reasonable time) - Please contact us if you wish to order - there is no postage charge for eggs included with live insect orders - please contact us for ordering/payment details (Eggs NOT sent outside Australia or to WA. Only Spiny Leaf, Strong and Crowned Stick insect eggs to Tasmania without a permit). Eggs are from a variety of Stick Insects that will feed on Eucalypt Leaves. Egg hatching instructions included.