Phyllium monteithi Eggs


Stick Insects for Sale: All species listed below are in stock and are sold as small juveniles (usually 2nd or 3rd instar). Mature/larger insects are sometimes available – price and availability on request. Detailed Care Information is supplied with all sales. Basic care and DIY enclosure suggestions can be found on our Insect Pets Care page.                         

Shipping: We only ship within Australia and do not ship to Western Australia.  Only Spiny Leaf, Crowned, Strong Stick Insects and The Australian Leaf Insect  can be sent to Tasmania. Orders with live insects are sent via Express Post on Mondays.  Egg only orders are sent by surface mail with tracking. Posting of orders is delayed during extreme weather. 

Freight Costs and Payment Options:   The freight cost for Insect only orders and Start-Up Kits is $13. Freight for Egg Only Orders is included in cost of the eggs.  Freight for Insectpet Enclosures is calculated at the checkout.  Payment can be made by Direct Deposit or Paypal. GST not applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Sept 5th 2021 we will no longer accept orders containing LIVE INSECTS being sent to NSW and the ACT.  Australia Post is currently unable to deliver most Express Post items to these areas in a timely manner. We apologise for this disruption and will update our website when the situation changes.

Australian Leaf Insect Eggs. The Australian Leaf Insect Phyllium monteithi, require a room temperature from between 21 and 28 deg C and an enclosure of minimum size of 30cm x 30cm. I have found the best plant to feed Phyllium monteithi on is the Lilly Pilly species Syzygium australe. If purchasing a plant in a pot, a Psyllid resistant type is recommended - especially in the Southern Australian States. Also please ensure the soil in the pot or the plant has NOT been treated with insecticide. Egg hatching instructions included. Eggs are sent by tracked surface mail and the postage cost is included in the egg price. If ordering with live insects, the eggs will be included with your insect order and I will include extra eggs to cover the duplication in postage costs. (Eggs NOT sent outside Australia or to WA. )

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