Insectpet Enclosures

Freight Cost:  $12 for Insect only and start-up kits orders. The freight cost of Egg Only Orders is included in cost of the eggs.  Freight on Insectpet Enclosures is calculated at the checkout.

Dispatch Details: Orders with live insects are dispatched via Express Post weekly on either Monday or Tuesday. Egg only orders are sent by surface mail.

Payment Options: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Bank Cheque or Money Order. GST not applicable.

NOTE: We do not ship to  Western Australia or anywhere outside Australia. Only Spiny Leaf, Crowned and Strong Stick Insects can be sent to Tasmania without the purchaser obtaining a permit from:

NOTE: Enclosures sold as a kit with insects are listed under the individual species. An easy to assemble enclosure, ideal for beginners and schools. Measures 35cm high and is oval in shape (36cm wide x 31.5cm deep). This enclosure will comfortably house two pair of “small” adult stick insects (eg Spiny Leaf Stick Insects or Crowned Stick Insects), or one pair of a larger species (eg. Goliath or Wuelfing’s Stick Insects).
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    NOTE: Enclosures sold as a kit with Insects are listed under the individual species for sale. Insectpet Enclosures without insects are available for $27 plus postage by surface mail. Please contact us with your postcode for "Enclosure Only" freight costs.


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